Things to Know before Doing Concrete Staining on Your Own

For many years, you have been staying in your home with your bare concrete floor. Have you ever thought about giving it a new look through concrete staining? Well, luckily, you can do the staining on your own. But before you proceed with doing the process on your own, it is best that you are completely knowledgeable of some important things before you can even begin the process.

Doing the staining on your own is found to be the easiest and cheapest way of enhancing the overall appearance of your bare concrete floor or other concrete surfaces. You will find yourself having this alternative if you don’t like replacing or tearing out the existing concrete surfaces in your home. It is given that the mentioned processes are expensive and would be more expensive if you would do it on your own.

So, before you go on with the concrete staining, here are some things that you must know:

  • Choosing the right concrete stains: acrylic or acid stains?

Acrylic stains- these are waterborne and are known to have pigments that can seep into pores of the concrete and gives it a more consistent finish. Choosing these stains could help in covering imperfections and also masking the discolorations. These are recommended with older concrete as it increases the porosity of the concrete surface over time.

Acid Stains-these start reacting chemically when exposed to free lime on the concrete surface and would be producing a natural look on the surface. If acrylic could cover up discolorations and imperfections, acid could actually accentuate these issues. These stains are perfect for newer concrete as it does not require much penetration just to give the concrete its color.

  • Create realistic expectations.

Concrete staining helps in turning gray and dull surfaces into colorful and beautiful surfaces. But it is necessary that you are aware of the possible results that you must expect when you use either the acrylic or acid stains. Keep in mind that every concrete surface is different and would accept the stains different as well. In each concrete slab, the same stain may have different appearances and you can’t exactly predict the outcome. Just be realistic with the results that you want to avoid getting disappointed.

  • Know that the preparation is the most critical part.

You must take your time in deciding on the look that you want for your concrete. It is also necessary that you can make sure that the surface is completely ready before you can even proceed with the whole concrete staining job. Exert enough effort in the preparation to avoid doing a major overhaul if the results would not come out just the way you want it to.

With all of these things in mind, you are sure to be prepared with doing the entire process of concrete staining slowly but surely. You want to achieve a new look with the bare concrete surfaces in your home, and it is best that you are completely knowledgeable of everything regarding the process.